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Favorites :

Book : Stargirl

Photographer : William Wegman

Activity : Skiing & Yoga

Color : Aqua

Decade of music : 90's

Show : House of Cards

Business + Corporate Photography + Graphic Design Experience :  


Kiki Lynn

The Shoe Hive


Fitness on the Run

Mind the Mat 

Meg Carter Jewelry Designs

Mystique Jewelers  

Gwynnie Bee

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"Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most"

I started photographing after rupturing my spleen while I was in high school.  Yea, it sounds made up, but I swear I'm telling the truth.  I was in marching band and happened to fall on my saxophone.  This incident made it impossible for me to march for the remainder of the season.  So, I did what any bored high school teenager does - started taking self portraits (at that time the word "selfie" was not invented).  Turns out, I really enjoyed it!  I started photographing everything & everyone.  After graduation, I decided to head to Shepherd University for photography & digital imagery.  My passion continued to grow as I started to photograph more conceptual themes, primarily the way women are viewed in modern media and the over editing that happens in the fashion industry. 

This is what has influenced and inspired my current work.  As a portrait photographer I notice so many of my subjects either have things they want me to edit out, change or they just completely feel uncomfortable in their own skin.  That's where I come in.  I work to make every individual feel beautiful, comfortable and proud of who they are. 

If you decide to give me the honor to photograph you, you can expect a lot of jokes, laughter and a session that feels more like a hang out rather than a posed, studio photo shoot.  So, if that sounds like what you're looking for, I can't wait to meet you.

-  Cheers!